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A dental implant is a device intended to create either the maxilla or mandible, stable, robust, efficient and durable supports on which a removable prosthesis is adapted or fixed to return the patient partially or totally toothless one proper function, comfort and aesthetics pays it supports all its social function.

In Dental Emergencies Majorca we work on dental implants and their four main categories:

-Endosteal implants.

-Subperiosteal implants.

-Transosteal implants.

-Endodontic implants.

In Dental Emergencies Majorca  know that oral health is a concept that takes more strength every day, good dental care longer an aesthetic issue, to become a topic of serious interest. Therefore, replace missing teeth its by placing screws resembling tooth root for later rehabilitation.

With immediate access to our modern dental implant lab access, you will find the best in implantology.

Check with your case and we will gladly assist.

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